In conjunction with Transgender Awareness Week, TransBefrienders and Rainbow Families Singapore jointly present Dysphoria/Euphoria, a campaign that aims to raise awareness on gender dysphoria and mental health issues within the transgender and gender-diverse community in Singapore.

Dysphoria/Euphoria Art Exhibition

Learn about gender dysphoria and its effects on those who suffer from it, through the eyes of our community and the stories of those who have lived through it. We are proud to showcase artworks by 8 local trans and gender-diverse artists.

Limited Edition Collectible Cards

We've collaborated with 6 local artists and F&B partners to launch this series of limited edition collectible cards. Each card features the artwork of one of the 6 artists, and each F&B partner carries a different artwork. Collect all 6 limited edition cards from all F&B partners! Hurry though, there are only 1,000 copies of each card design!

Our F&B partners:

Our artists:

Aki Hassan | Andy Winter | Benedict Lim | Marla Bendini | Naaliyah Noor Daneen | Worms Wav

Conversations about gender dysphoria

We interviewed 3 individuals to understand their experiences with gender dysphoria and their journey towards transitioning and euphoria. We also spoke to Dr Jeremiah to understand gender-affirming healthcare, different treatments for gender dysphoria, and the myths surrounding gender dysphoria.

These interviews will be screened during the art exhibition, and will be uploaded online after the exhibition.

Featured Partners

Featured Partners